Statistics and meta-analysis

Statistics, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis are fascinating but also complex tools. Every day, researchers and professionals need to enhance their statistical expertise, both to conduct their own studies as well as to interpret correctly the available evidence. This is a necessary process in order to produce high quality scientific evidence and to make informed decisions in the daily practice.

IDoStatistics wants to support researchers and professionals in this arduous task: to understand which are the best statistical techniques to address research questions, without getting lost in the ocean of the inevitable difficulties. A number of resources are provided to all users interested in increasing their own expertise.

A special attention is given to systematic reviews with meta-analysis that represent the gold standard for conducting reliable and trustworthy quantitative syntheses of primary studies. Increasingly, researchers from different fields (life sciences, social sciences, etc.) perform and publish systematic reviews with meta-analysis to summarize the available evidence and to offer to professionals, users, policy makers an updated picture of the state-of-the-art on a specific area of study. IDOSTATISTICS accompanies the researcher in the realization of systematic reviews with meta-analysis by providing references, instructions, tutorials, and even specific software, useful to produce excellent publications.

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Systematic Reviews With Meta-Analysis Why, When, and How?

A very interesting article by Elisabetta Crocetti that introduces the meta- analysis, step by step suggests the best practices , and discusses the importance of conducting a meta- analysis for the emerging adult field. Read More

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Cooper’s manual 5th edition – Research synthesis and meta-analysis: A step-by-step approach

The fifth edition of the Cooper meta-analysis manual is available. Cooper, H. (2016). Research synthesis and meta-analysis: A step-by-step approach, 5th Edition.Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage A Step-by-Step Approach offers practical advice on how to conduct a synthesis of research in the social, behavioral, and health sciences. The book is written in plain language with four Read More

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ProMeta 3 is ready… and it’s free

Here we are, the wait is over ! The best statistical software for meta -analysis is ready. Download it for free. Read More

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